"In that wonderful area guarded by Lord,on that pure land full of holiness, where the talent of singing is mixed up with the whispers of the forest and the narrow paths, was Niculina Stoican born full of talent, a gift of God, daughter of Plaiul Closanilor, she succeeds to enrich her collection of songs by perpetual work, intelligence, drinking from the real sources of the folklore and going to the public new treasures of popular music.
          Niculina Stoican Stanescu, singer in "Doina Gorjului" Ensemble is one of those values who imposed herself by her gift and talent, her presence on the scene and her capability of working an a wide scale of registers, being remarkable by her perpetual looking for the new and the feelings she tries to transmit the public.
         She's a real artist and her way of devotion is strong."


                                                  Liviu Dafinescu,
            manager of Professional Artistic Ensemble "Doina Gorjului"

       "...There still is there, in the mountains of Mehedinti country, my grand mother...Lord keeps her alive and I thank Him for this - so was Niculina Stoican telling at "Tezaur Folcloric" show, a young singer who by her way of life, by her achievements belongs to the modern world - a little woman who conquers the public by her intelligent sight with a lot promising smile.
      Modern, active, concerned with her business, Niculina speaks and sings in the way the people of Mehedinti do - as if yesterday she arrived from Prejna - her way of speaking and her songs represent her link with her real world with her "gentle mother" who took care of her as a child. We, who love the song from Mehedinti, put her near the girls from Izverna,Victor Parvanescu and Petrica Mitu Stoian, near Maria Rachiteanu Voicescu, near Angelica, her model, who opened the door of the success for her.
      Now we see Niculina near her colleagues of "Doina Gorjului" Ensemble. She conquers, she knows how to "obtain" applauses, and she knows to valorify. the values of the folklore of this region. Step by step she gives up the waves of the fashion in her coiffure and modern jewels coming back to tradition. She "listens" her mother , she listens the opinion of the specialists and she finds out her own way.
       She sings beautifully the "doina", she chooses her collection and the style of accompaniment, her clothes, because she inherited from her mother, Angelica, the passion of collecting popular costumes.
        I'd like to see again those who didn't in the talent of Niculina Stoican, who thought that she is only the daughter of Angelica Stoican....Even the specialists can be wrong....Her search and will to be the best are inherited from her mother. Now she understands better Angelica, but she refuses to imitate , she wants to be herself. And she's right !

                                                                                                                     Marioara Murarescu

         Niculina  Stoican was born on  December 9th 1970  at Balta , Mehedinti county. The first years of school she was at  Drobeta Tr-Severin, and then followed   the  high school and "Facultatea de  Etnomuzicologie si  Folclor" with  teacher Marioara Murarescu.
       From the very beginning , she was  remarked  like an  exception voice; she takes part on the first shows besides her mother Angelica Stoican.
       Sins  1996  she  was employed  at the Ensemble Profesionel  and  Artistic  "Doina Gorjului"  from Tg-Jiu. She has  a rich artistic activity,takes part at many shows in the  country  and  abroad , being every time a star.
       She  had  many  appearances on  the Radio and  TV  like a  guest in  folklore  broadcasts , so at  musical dedications , many of  her songs became hits in a short time.
                               RECORDINGS                         CONCERTS
 1. De-as fi ca luna pe cer
                 Everest-conductor Marcel Parnica
 2.De atata vreme
                 Everest-conductor Marin Ghiocel
                 Everest-conductor Marin Ghiocel
                 with Petrica Matu Stoian
 4.Mandrulita de la Gorj
                  Everest-conductor Marin Ghiocel
               with Petrica Matu Stoian
 5.De-as trai cum zice lumea
                  Everest-conductor Marin Ghiocel
 6.Am crescut doamne baiat
               OSMP-conductor Marin Ghiocel
 7.Sa petrecem cu Niculina Stoican, vol. I
OSMP-conductor Nicu Cretu
 8.Sa petrecem cu Niculina Stoican, vol. II
OSMP-conductor Nicu Cretu
     Winner   in   the   festival   "Mostenitorii"
organized   by   Televiziunea  Romana   and 
Marioara  Murarescu.
      Laureate in the festival "Maria Tanase".
      Laureate in the festival "Maria Lataretu".
      Laureate in the  first  edition of  the  festival
      Guest at the international festival "Cerbul 
de Aur"  Brasov-2001 , besides the greatest names of the Romanian folklore  
Maria Ciobanu  ,  Nicolae Furdui  Iancu , 
Dragan  Muntean ,  Laura Lavric ,  Irina 

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